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Steel Tracking System (STS) by P2 Programs provides Fabricators, Galvanizers, Painters and Job Sites with the feedback you need to control and manage your operations. STS gives companies Real Time RF Process Tracking using Auto-ID Technology in the Fabrication operation. This software gives you accurate Shipping and Receiving data and Saw to Job Site Erection Tracking.

Steel Tracking System

Know Your Steel!

Efficiently track your order from receiving to job site

  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Reduce Paperwork
  • Higher Accuracy
  • Uniquely Identify Each Piece of Steel
  • Management Software Integration
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Uniquely identify each piece of steel and track it from warehouse to worksite

Steel Tracking System by P2 Programs provides fabricators, galvanizers, painters-and their customers-with the information to control and manage operations. The result:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Higher accuracy

Steel Tracking System (STS) efficiently tracks steel from your shop-through any number of vendors-to the job site. And with easy FabSuite [LINK] integration (as well as other software), any data you collect with STS will be transmitted real-time to your management system, as well.

Leave error-prone manual processes behind

By assigning and transmitting a unique barcode serial number to your customers, STS creates an electronic "paper trail" that produces highly visible piece mark information and provides for a virtually error-free data collection environment.

Uniquely identity every piece of steel you have… now or later

Scan from two feet away-even in bright sunlight-with confidence that your barcodes are sturdy enough to withstand whatever the steel industry can throw at them.

Easily label and ship orders, then create export files (and even discrepancy reports)

Manually enter piece mark information or import it from several popular software packages (Structural Material Manager, AutoCAD, Design Data, SteelCAD). Then track-and report on-a unique ten-digit barcode ID.

Analyze your data

Finally, with STS' built-in report writer, create Progress, Erection, Damaged Items or Receiving reports and print them or export them to files for use in other software packages. Create custom reports, too!


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Customer Examples

Hebert Steel Co., Inc.
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Puma Steel
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JB Steel
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B & B Welding Co. Inc.
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