The stable of software products offered by Integrous Steel Software integrate in some way with the three-major core operating systems in the steel industry. Our goal is to help you achieve more from your investment into AVEVA FabTrol, FabSuite and StruMIS by increasing gains through integrated estimating, modeling, nesting and production.


Integrous Steel Software Solutions has the ability to help coordinate the following integrations:

  • AVEVA FabTrol
  • FabSuite

So, You Own Efficiency Software

You own one of the top three, cutting edge efficiency software designed for the steel industry on the market, so now what? How do you continue to capitalize on your investment? How do you use your software to its fullest potential? First thing you should do is speak to someone with experience in the steel fabricating software industry.

Talk To Experience

Integrous Steel Software Solutions, Inc., founded by Scott Love, is a unique company, due to his unprecedented experience in the steel software industry. Scott has worked for and with all top three software companies; AVEVA FabTrol, FabSuite, and STRUMIS; both selling and using the software. He has worked closely with each of the other software developers that he represents to provide an integration that no one else can provide. His knowledge of use and the ability of each software’s capability to integrate with numerous other software packages is Priceless.

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Have questions?

Contact us today to learn how we can implement our products into your business–either on their own or integrated with any of the other software suites Integrous resells–to help you get more done.